Benton County announced that we can take the first steps towards reopening. Phase 1 includes a great deal of caution and preparation to make sure we are keeping our community as safe as possible. We are hard at work making sure our studio meets the requirements outlined by the governor and more. Yoga Corvallis has always been health focused and we take the current health risks seriously.
We understand safety is a top concern and many of you still aren’t ready to come back to the studio. For you and for those who are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 complications, please continue to make use of the digital library of classes and practice at home. Let us know if you need us to make accommodations with your membership for this time. We appreciate you and want to do our part to keep you healthy and strong.
For those who are ready to come back, we are excited to announce our first day of classes will be Monday May 18. Things are different, so read on for more information about this first phase of reopening. Before coming to class, please review the information presented by the Oregon Health Authority and do not come to class if you think you might be sick or if you’ve been around a sick person.
Knowing that we are all doing our part and staying home when necessary will help our studio stay safe, effectively provide therapeutic yoga, and support the community we love.

Making Changes

Your health is our priority. Accordingly, the first and biggest change you’ll notice is that we require all students and teachers to wear masks while in the building. We know this is a big change and can feel intimidating, but we feel this is one of the most important steps we can take to keep every single person who passes through our doors as safe as possible. Several of your teachers volunteered to practice with masks on and successfully demonstrated wearing masks to be safe and doable. We recommend a washable cloth face mask during practice. The goal is to reduce the spread of aerosols, and with all students participating, cloth masks do just that.
Additionally you’ll find marked spots in the room for mat placement. During class, we will be enforcing a rule you’ve come to know and love: Come to the middle of your mat and towel, feet together on the line. This placement ensures optimal distance between all students. Likewise, when it is time to lay on your mat and towel, start by sitting on the line. This will make sure proper distance is maintained as you transition from the standing series to the floor series. Spacing is critically important. We’ll be here to guide you through it.

Additional steps we are taking to keep you safe

  • Implementing 6 foot distance between people
    throughout the studio.
  • Reducing class size to 22 to keep distance
    between students. The room is spaced to allow
    greater than 7 foot distance.
  • Sign in to  Mindbody  to reserve your spot.
  • Sanitizing carpets daily.
  • Closing cubbies and showers. The locker room
    space is available for 2 people at a time for a
    quick change so you can go home in dry clothing.
    Travel light. 
  • Removing curtains by the women’s locker room for
    contactless access to the women’s restroom.
  • Placing hand sanitizing stations around the studio.
  • Reducing points of contact: sign in
We are so grateful for the community who has supported us throughout this period of uncertainty. Thank you to those of you who kept your memberships active. Allow us to show our gratitude by doing everything we can to keep us all safe and healthy during this time. Your understanding and patience as we all adapt to these changes is appreciated. Thank you for helping us so we can continue to help you.
If you have any further questions or concerns, email us at